Creating customized rooms that make your home uniquely yours.

Built in Shelving

This bright white entertainment center was once a blank wall. I framed a fireplace bump out wrapped in shiplap for an electric fireplace unit with a barn wood mantle. The cabinets and shelving on either side of the fireplace add storage to the house and the whole unit...

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Floating Desk with a Secret

This floating desk is not your average office desk! It opens up for hidden storage! This is a great idea for a small home or corner of your home you're not sure what to do with.[dsm_image_carousel gallery_ids="1238,1282,1283" sizes="et-pb-portfolio-module-image"...

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Small Creations

The right accessories can tie a room together, but sometimes they don't exist yet. Custom Creation’s will help you design the perfect piece for you!  [dsm_image_carousel gallery_ids="700,744,745,746,508,747,1098" sizes="et-pb-post-main-image"...

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Living Room
Built Ins

So happy I was able to give this family a cozy living room for Christmas! Checkout the 3D rendering of the space & check out how the right side extends out to become a desk & folds back in to match the other side! We built everything from the cabinets to the...

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